• The Best Value Available In Canada Today

    The Yeastar S-Series Delivers All The Phone System Features You Need At A Price Thats Unbeatable In The Industry.

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  • Experience incredible mobility

    Linkus calls will work just like standard phone calls thanks to CallKit support on iOS 10. Instead of a basic alert banner, your phone will now present the standard call control UI of iOS. Your VoIP calls now have higher priority and fewer interruptions.

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  • One phone system for desktops, tablets or smartphones

    Yeastar empowers your employees to work on the go and ensures reachability wherever you are with all the functionality that's inherent with the office phone system.

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Yeastar Phone System Bundle for Small Business
  • Easy Web-Based Management

    The S-Series phone system uses web technologies to make it easy to maintain your phone system from any web browser in your office. Simply log on. Maintenance is as easy as browsing the web. Read More
  • Easy Web-Based Phone Setup

    The S-Series phone system has a quick and easy web interface to implement quickly and dependably Read More
  • Easy Web-Based Call Reports

    The S-Series phone system delivers reliable and functional reports for historical call records, queue reports that make it easy to review company performance. Read More
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Individual Voicemail

The Features layout, offers Slideshow and Showcase options, for easy to configure content presentation

True Reception

RokSprocket features the Tabs layout, with configurable tab positions and titles with icons or text

Full Cell Phone Integration

Utilize the tables layout to present columns of data, such as price comparisons, for your various products

Professional Auto Attendant

In the administrator, there is support for the Media Manager, RokGallery, and custom URL/Path input


The S-Series PBX is a flexible phone system that allows you to easily and simply add phones or lines at any time. It can be used with both Digital SIP and Legacy Analog phone lines from Telus, Shaw, Rogers and Bell and support a wide range of standards based phones.   Learn More

Yeastar MyPBX supports large offices with many phones
Large Offices

Easily and quickly expand your office size with IP based infrastructure

No additional licensing fees to add more phones. Just plug in and start dialing.

Yeastar MyPBX allows you to connect remote workers and international offices within your organization
Remote Workers | International Offices

Yeastar MyPBX allows you to connect remote workers and international offices within your organization

Built on SIP standards allows interoffice calls to be placed rate free over your WAN links.


Get a S-Series phone system bundle that includes everything you need to set up your phone system. There are phones, powered switch, long phone cables and of course your S-Series phone system. Learn More

  • Small Office

    Comes with $100 phone line credit from HeliaTel.ca
    $1,299 CAD 3 Phones Included 2 Telus or Shaw Lines Supported Exp to 4 Lines 20 Phones Max
  • Mid Size

    Comes with $200 phone line credit from HeliaTel.ca
    $2,299 CAD 4 Phones Included 4 Telus or Shaw Lines Supported Exp to 8 Lines 50 Phones Max
  • Larger

    Comes with $400 phone line credit from HeliaTel.ca
    $3,899 CAD 4 Phones Included 1 Digital T1 Trunk supported (23 Lines) Expandable to 3 500 Phones Max
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Web Administration

S-Series PBX uses web based administration, which, amongst many other features, includes a rich administrative interface to control the various aspects of your phone system, easily and intuitively.

The perfect phone system for Businesses in Calgary

A Indoor Outdoor paging speaker for use with digital SIP phone Systems

This Paging Speaker is Great For:

  • IP voice paging, in or outdoors, for a warehouse, factory, school gymnasium or playground, car lot, or campus environment, etc.
  • IP loud ringer for high noise environments or where employees are wearing hearing protection (e.g., machine shop, garage, manufacturing plant, utility, farm, etc.)
  • Multicast wide area emergency, safety and security notification alerts (e.g., lockdown, evacuation, reverse evacuation, medical emergency, safety alert, etc.)
  • OSHA compliance
  • Scheduled or automated announcements. Using the Algo 8301 to multicast, announcements/tones can be played over any model of Algo IP speaker. For example, school (i.e., class changes, recess, etc.) or workplace shift changes, breaks, etc

The Algo 8186 Paging Horn Speaker is available from our online store at www.BuyPhonesOnline.ca


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