Our HELIA Engineering team has assembled some easy to use and configure bundles. We've included up to four phones into each bundle although they support much much more. Our S300 bundles supports up to 500 phones


We recommend the Yealink Phone System and consider it to have the highest value of any phone system in Canada. When paired with a lease, it will provide the lowest cost for any 10-plus-phone phone system while providing the same or features of any available hosted phone system.

We've paired the Yeastar Phone System with high value desk phones from Yealink and Powered Switch infrastructure from TP-Link and we recommend deploying and expanding your phone system with these brands.

The No-VoIP Phone System

These bundles do not use VoIP phone lines though VoIP phone lines are optional if you choose to use them in the future. Here in Canada, the traditional providers are Telus, Shaw, SaskTel, Bell, and Rogers. Phone lines from any of these providers will work well with these Phone System bundles. Simplely plug in and dial.

What Else Do I Need?

Phone lines are of course required. If you do choose to use VoIP Lines, we recommend HeliaTel.ca. We've included VoIP phone line credit in these packages so that you can optionally try it with no risk.

We also recommend a Power backup UPS. We find that CyberPower UPS have the best value and highly recommend them. You can also find Cyberpower UPS on our web store at: www.BuyPhonesOnline.ca

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