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How To Videos for Configuring Yeastar Office Phone Systems

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Custom Provisioning Templates allow you to quickly and easily deploy a common set of configuration settings on all phones. These setting may or may not be available through the standard auto-provisioning screens and so this method gives the administrator a lot of control over the deployment of phones.

Call Pickup is a feature that allows one to answer other's call. The feature is accessed by pressing call pickup feature code of Yeastar S-Series phone system. If someone elses phone is ringing, the call can be answered by picking up another phone and using call pickup.

We broadcast Church over a conference bridge. By default, everyone in a conference is not muted however for church you probably don't want that. Here is how to make your conference muted by default.

We have found a trend of customers migrating to the Yeastar phone system from 3CX because of cost and stability. The feature set between Yeastar and 3CX are very similar which makes the transition managable and provides end-customers with a reliable and cost effective phone system for the future.

Feature codes allow you to add high value features to your phone buttons. Features like call recording, queue log in and log out and intercom can all be implemented as button using feature codes.

3CX is an industry leading phone system used by hundreds of companies across Canada. Many companies find themselves looking for alternatives because of technical and learning costs of the almost quarterly required updates, the significant feature changes that come with them and the higher than average license and maintenance costs required. Are there alternatives?

We recommend the Yeastar S-Series phone system as a very good alternative to the 3CX phone system. It provides all the major functionality of 3CX and often better support for specialty markets like Hotels - all at a fraction of the price of 3CX phone system.

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