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Auto-Provisioning phones makes sure that new phones are programmed quickly and correctly, every time. It saves time for support and ensures that the customer is happy and the phone programming is consisten

How to Auto-Provision Phones

How to Auto-Provision Phones on the Yeastar S-Series Phone System

Yeastar has a broad range of provisioning template for phones. In fact their one of the most inclusive phone systems in terms of supported phones. A list of the phones that are supported for auto provisioning can be found at: We always recommend Yealink phones. We believe they represent the best value for office phones available today.

Along with the standard auto provisioning features, Yealink also provides an excellent templating feature that allow you to set a consistent set of buttons and other features across all the phones that are deployed.

Setting some common options are not available throught the provisioning and template options like distinctive ring. Distinctive ring for each phone can be very labour intensive and a lot of work. You may prefer to set these ring settings once for all of your phones. This is possible but not using the Yeastar interface as it doesn't expose these parameters. You can create acommon configuration provisioning file that has these settings and will apply to all your Yealink phones. To find out how to do this, check out our YouTube video at:

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