If you want to play a wav file you will need to customize the dialplan. It requires Linux knowledge including the vi command. Follow the procedure:

Note: Make sure the Paging settings on the web has been done. The dialplan customization would undo the web change of Paging settings.

  1. Upload your audio file to the Custom Prompt menu. Refer by the following links:


  2. https://support.yeastar.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001864267-How-to-Convert-Audio-File-Format

    Yeastar Bell and seting up the voice prompt

  3. Login the SSH: https://support.yeastar.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004259608-How-to-Log-in-SSH-of-Yeastar-S-Series-VoIP-PBX
  4. Copy the dialplan of paging group in /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf. Copy the content of context [pagegoups]
  5. Setting up the Extension settings for the Bell

  6. 4 – Paste the dialplan to /ysdisk/support/customcfg/extensions_custom.conf
  7. And change the dialplan: Add dialoption A(record/xxx) like the following figure. Xxx is the file name you uploaded in the Custom Prompt menu

    The following example is for paging number 6300. You could do the same thing for other paging groups.

    Save the file.

  8. Save and Apply any change on the web.
  9. Test the paging number 6300. Note that when caller would also hear the prompt, after the prompt, caller needs to hang up the paging call manually.

Please note that the bell can not be automatically hung up by this method, which means you need to hang up the bell manually when the bell is playing.