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Vastly expanding the local storage of your Yeastar S-Series is possible. The S-Series supports external storage and network drive storage. You can choose where to store the voicemails, CDR, recordings, logs and backup files.

External Storage on your Phone System

External storage is used for call recording, call logs, greetings, and voicemail. All models of the Yeastar S-Series have options to increase the available storage.

Storage Options for the S-Series

The different S-Series phone systems have different storage options and capacities available as in the table below.

External Storage S20 S50 S100 S300
Micro SD Card (Up to 256 GB) 1 0 0 0
SD Card (Up to 256 GB) 0 1 1 1
USB 2.0 (Up to 2 TB) 0 0 1 1
Hard Disk (Up to 2 TB) 0 0 0 1

Using a SD Card For Storage

Each of the S-Series models have either a SD Card or TF Card available as an option for to increase storage. The cards must be fast and capable of storing data and records to them in real time. Here are the specifications and recommendations for fast storage.

Minimum Performance Minimum Write Speed Recommended TF/SD Card


60 MB/s
  • Sandisk Extreme Pro Series
  • Sandisk Extreme Series
  • Samsung Pro Series

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