How To ArticlesLearn how to manage your S-Series Phone System


Disaster recovery planning is essential for any critical system such as your phone system. Backup and confirmed restore of your system is a essential part of ensuring your systems are enterprise grade and capable of reliably recovering from a fault or disaster

How to Backup and Restore

Learn how to backup and restore your Yeastar S-Series system.

Create a Backup File

You can create a backup file of the PBX settings on the PBX web interface.

Upload a Backup File

You can select a backup file from your local PC, and upload the file to the PBX.

Restore a Backup File

After restore a backup file, the current configurations on your PBX will be OVERWRITTEN with the backup data.

Schedule Auto Backup

Backups can be scheduled to be be completed on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.

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