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Capture raw data that is essential for troubleshooting registration and caller ID issues with the Yeastar S-Series phone system. Learn how to capture PCAP and DAHDI raw files that reveal the underlying handshaking of telecommunications.

Advanced Troubleshooting and Call Capture

How to Troubleshoot issues on the Yeastar S-Series Phone System

An essential tool for troubleshooting during configuring the S-Series Phone System is the packet capture. When troubleshooting a trunk that fails to register or no audio during the calls, the ‘package capture tool’ is the best to use and integrated directly into the web ui.

Click ‘Reports--system logs--Package Capture tool’. If you want to get the whole log directly without any filter, you can choose the Ethernet. Click ‘Start’ directly, when done, click ‘Stop’ and download it to analyze using Wireshark after unziping the package. You can also use the IP of SIP carrier or IP phone as a filter during the trace or the exact port as a filter. Its recommended to ignore the filter to get the whole trace.

1. The MAX size of the trace package is 4M.
2. We recommend enable the normal log, hardware log and web log.

While for the DAHDI Monitor too, you can choose the PSTN trunk to monitor the signal, it can be used for debug caller ID.

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