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Get your Yeastar S-Series configuration started quickly. Here are the steps to log into your S-Series for the first time and complete the basic configuration.

Initial Phone System Configuration

Here are the initial steps to configure your Yeastar S-Series Phone System

Yeastar S-Series Default Password

  • IP Address:
  • Username: admin
  • Password: password

Accessing the S-Series For The First Time

The S-Series is set to use a static ip of and is not DHCP. You'll need to connect using a computer configured to use the network. The above video will show you our preferred way of doing that while keeping the computer connected to your standard network with internet access.

Changing the Password on the Yeastar S-Series

By default the password on the S-Series is weak as its "password" and must be updated with a strong password. We recommend using a combination of upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers and other symbols.

Email Address in Settings

The email address requested during the setup wizard is for the administrator. Its important to set this as its used for "Forgot password" on the admin account as well as for system messages.

Network Settings

Change the hostname to something thats descriptive so that its clear which device it is in DHCP lists or network logs. The Mode should be left as single as what is recommended. Dual allows the port thats labelled as "WAN" to be used for remote phones and SIP trunks however the WaN port can never be used as a routed "default gateway" and so it shouldn't be considered as an alternative to a proper firewall router.

The LAN IP must be a static ip address even though dhcp is an option. This is the IP address that all phones and other devices connect to. When its set to DHCP, there is a risk that the IP will change and if it changes, then no phones or port forwarding for SIP trunks will work. Talk to your network administrator to choose an static ip for your S-Series phone system.

NTP and Date & Time Settings

The Date & Time settings by default is set to an NTP server. In Canada we recommend the Canadian NTP servers at The Time Zone should also be set. These settings are very important for the date and time showing on the phones, the date and time in the logs and for and encrypted sessions, SSL, and HTTPS.

System Prompts

Yeastar allows other languages to be used with the S-Series. Different language prompt files can be downloaded directly from the S-Series interface and there are dozens of languages available. You can also create your own language files.

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