How To ArticlesLearn how to manage your S-Series Phone System


To control inbound calls and outbound calls, you need to set up your trunks, inbound routes, and outbound routes.

Introduction to Call Routing

Routing calls inbound and outbound from your phone system is an essential component. Find out how.

Outbound Route

Inbound Route

Time Conditions

Time conditions are used to control call flow based upon time and date.

AutoCLIP Route

Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX can automatically stores records of outgoing call to AutoCLIP route table. When the called person calls back, the call will be routed directly to the original caller's extension.


Shared Line Appearance (SLA) feature helps users share SIP trunks and FXO trunks. It also helps monitor the status of the shared line. SLA feature works with BLF key on IP phones.

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