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Like most organisations, where possible, we would like to route incoming calls an Auto Attendant. You can create one or more IVR (Auto Attendant) on the system to achieve it.

When calls are routed to an IVR, the system will play a recording prompting them what options the callers can enter such as “Welcome to XX, for sales press 1, for Technical Support press 2”.

Configuring Company Greetings on your Phone System

Company Greetings, Auto Attendant and IVR are very easy to record and setup using the web interface of your phone system.

Set up an IVR

Set up your own IVR if you need to routing incoming calls via an auto attendant.

Set an IVR Prompt

When users call in the PBX IVR, the users would operate following by the IVR prompt. The PBX system has one default IVR prompt, you can change the IVR prompt to your audio file.

Change IVR Prompt Clip

If you need to change one audio clip in the IVR prompt frequently. You can devide your IVR prompt to mutiple audio clips, and change the desired audio clip when you need to change the IVR prompt.

Dial by Name

You can set the IVR Keypress to "Dial by Name", that will allow the callers to find the person by entering the first 3 letters of extensions' first name.

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