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The Paging and Intercom features allow you to make an announcement to a group of extensions. The called parties do not need to pick up the handset as the audio will be played via the phone speakers.

How To Configure Paging and Intercom

Learn the steps to configure four different types of paging and intercom.

Set up 1-Way Paging

Paging is used to make an announcement over the speakerphone to a phone or group of phones. The called parties will not ring, but instead answer immediately into speakerphone mode.

Set up 2-Way Intercom

2-way intercom is used to make a multi-party conference. The called parties will automatically answer the call into speakerphone mode and join the conference.

Set up 1-Way Multicast Paging

Multicast Paging allows you to easily and quickly broadcast instant audio announcements to phone users who are listening to the same multicast IP address of the PBX.

Make an Announcement to a Specific User

Extension users can dial the intercom feature code to make an intercom to a specific extension, the called party can respond immediately without picking up the handset.

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