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How To Videos for Configuring Yeastar Office Phone Systems

Music on hold (MOH) is the music heard by callers who have been placed on hold. Users can configure Music on Hold Folder and upload music files to the system. The "default" Music on Hold Playlist includes 3 music files for users to use.

System speed dial is very convenient for regularily called numbers. Sometimes you may need to call someone quickly without having to look up their phone number.

You can by simply define a shortcut number. Speed Dial feature is available on Yeastar S-Series that allowing you to place a call by pressing a reduced number of keys.

There are four models of the Yeastar S-Series that we review including the S20, S50, S100, and the S300. The S-Series phone systems serve from just a handful of users to organziation of up to 500 phones. This makes it a very good and cost effective solution for growing companies as well as established ones.

Like most organisations, where possible, we would like to route incoming calls an Auto Attendant. You can create one or more IVR (Auto Attendant) on the system to achieve it.

When calls are routed to an IVR, the system will play a recording prompting them what options the callers can enter such as “Welcome to XX, for sales press 1, for Technical Support press 2”.

Unlike most other phone systems, Yeastar easily allows all common phone lines to be attached to their system using modules. This includes FXO analog lines from Telus, Bell, Shaw, and Sasktel, T1 PRI digital phone lines, BRI digital phones and even cellular lines from Rogers, Bell, Telus Mobility, Fido, Freedom Mobile and others.

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