This certification course is intended for specialists who need more in-depth knowledge of troubleshooting tools, techniques and customization, which is based on the previous 2 levels of certification courses. In this course, you will gain necessary industrial background information about telephony interfaces, protocols, and etc., and learn how to do trouble shooting and tackle complicated issues.

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Part 1 Background Knowledge

  • Command Line Interface
  • Analog telephony
  • BRI/PRI Telephony
  • Mobile Telephony
  • SIP
  • SDP
  • RTP/SRTP Protocol
  • DTMF
  • SMS/SSMTP Debug

Part 2 Trouble shooting

  • Hardware Faults
  • Web GUI Faults
  • Extensions Issues
  • SIP Trunk Issues
  • PSTN Trunk Issues
  • ISDN Trunk Issues
  • GSM/3G Trunk Issues
  • SMS/USSD Issues
  • Voicemail Issues
  • Others
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