Yeastar Certified Security Specialist

Discover the security mechanism of your Yeastar VoIP PBX and telephony network! Learn how to do network settings to make your system securer than ever, and find out the best way to handle security issues relevant to firewall, extensions and etc.

Part 1 Ports and Password Enhancement

  • Password and Email Settings
  • Web Server (HTTPS)
  • Network
    1. How to configure VLAN
    2. How to use OpenVPN
    3. How to configure DDNS
    4. How to use Static route
  • Extension
    1. Change the Default SIP Port
    2. Random Password for Extension
    3. IP Restriction for Extension
    4. "Register Name" for Extension
    5. Security Configuration for Remote Extensions
    6. TLS registry (Optional)

Part 2 Firewall configuration

  • Firewall configuration

Part 3 International Call Limit

  • Limit Call Credit at Provider Side
  • Set Password for International Call
  • Disable international call in S-Series PBX

This certification includes:

  • One full date of classroom training (including practical labs)
  • Yeastar online exam voucher
  • Official Yeastar merchandising
  • Yeastar S20 PBX (20 Extensions, 10 simultaneous conversations)
  • Yealink T27G with Power Supply
  • Lunch and coffee break
  • Diploma certificate (valid for 3 years)
  • Prepaid 3 month SIP trunk with 2 channels

Who is the training for?

  • Telephone system administrators.
  • Telephony solution integrators.
  • Beginners in VoIP technology.
  • Network and Telecommunications students.

Course Prerequisites

  • Basic knowledge of TCP / IP networks
  • Basic knowledge of traditional telephony and VoIP
  • Laptop with Ethernet network port.
  • Software: Web browser, Putty, Softphone, TFTP server, Audacity audio editor, Wireshark

Required Classroom Materials

  • Laptop
  • 1 patch cords

The following topics will be covered in this class:

  • International call limit
  • Security Services
  • Firewall configuration
  • Enhanced Ports and Passwords
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To learn how to register or for upcoming scheduled classes, email support@helia.ca or phone (403) 668-7895