The Best Value Money Can Buy - The Yeastar S-Series

Desk phones in a business center has never been more important than it is today. In the Age of Customer Experience, no two business centers are the same and each requires a customized solution to meet their needs. Take the Entegra Business Center in Calgary for instance; their well used Nortel MICS phone system served the office for over 30 years and unexpectedly started to fail due to age. When voicemail and other features stopped working, tenants were no longer serviced and a replacement system was immediately needed.

For business centers that lease large blocks of commercial office space and sub-let individual offices with receptionists to small businesses, phone systems are essential. Tenant phones are required for:

Telus PRI trunk phone lines are natively supported by the Yeastar phone system. If you have a failing Nortel or other system and have Telus PRI trunk phone lines, a Yeastar S-Series phone system is a reliable and cost effective solution that can be implemented quickly and has the same level of features and more than the phone system it will be replacing.

The Yeastar phone system delivers the reliability, stability and service you expect from your Telus phone lines. This phone system is a high value and low cost, easy-to-use phone system with one of the best warranties in the industry. Its designed for small business of 5 users up to enterprise with 500 users and all with an easy-to-maintain web-based admin interface.

Cost Effective PBX for Hotel Properties

Check out the Yeastar hotel phone management functionality free for 30-days. Get full check-in, check-out, billing functionality and more from the highly recommended Mitel replacement phone system from Yeastar.

The Yeastar S-Series phone system is designed for the everyday needs of Canadian business. With one of the best warranties in the industry, the Yeastar S-Series supports both the prevalent and reliable land lines from Telus, Bell, Sasktel and Shaw as well as the newer digital SIP trunks available today

This commercial grade reliable phone system comes with modules for no-VoIP phone lines. You can use Telus, Rogers, Bell, or Shaw lines and the system will work very very well. If you wish, it allows for the future use of VoIP phone lines.

The Yeastar S100 phone system comes with all of the features that you would expect and a lot more including:

Small Hotel Bundle Example


  • Check-in and Check-out
  • Booking
  • Room groups
  • Room move
  • Hourly stay
  • Special pricing 
  • Set tax percentage
  • Mini Bar
  • Post room status via the phone
  • Set Do Not Disturb
  • Wake-up calls
  • Room-to-room call
  • Room status
  • Lock phone on check-out
  • Call rate
  • Billing report
  • Invoice printing
  • Guest list
  • Email template
  • Voicemail to email
  • Auto attendant greeting
  • Transfer to extensions
  • Transfer to cell phone 
  • Call recording 

The Yeastar phone system comes with one of the best warranties in the industry. Its reliable, affordable, and has the features needed to run a successful and efficient medical practice.

For Daily Hotel Operations

Check out the Yeastar small hotel phone management functionality free for 30-days. Get full check-in, check-out, billing functionality, and more from the highly recommneded Mitel replacement phone system from Yeastar.

The Hotel edition of the Yeastar S-Series phone system empowers users to easily manage the booking and check-in and check-out of guests, check status of each room, offer mini-bar service, and run personalized billing reports, and more daily operational tasks in hotels and other hospitality environments. Improve property management productivity and enhance guest's experience with the powerful and affordable Hotel Edition.

Our VoIP Phone Lines are designed and tested to work with Yeastar Phone Systems. In fact when you buy a Yeastar Phone System Bundle from, receive a phone line credit from

Helia has provided commercial phone lines for Canadian business for over 10 years and is fully licensed with the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commision (CRTC). We provide reliable cost effective phone lines with reliability and fail over features unique to

HELIA has been providing phone systems for Hutterite colonies since 2015. To find a list of colonies on our network please visit:

We have found the most cost effective way to provide phone systems for a colony is with the Yeastar phone system. Yeastar phone system provides all the features needed by a colony in a reliable and easy to use package. The setup is simple and because many other colonies are using the Yeastar phone system, there are other colonies you call for support in addition to us at HELIA.

With reliable Canadian partners, you can expect experienced, authorized and trained support staff for your new phone system. Yeastar is quickly becoming a common name and product leader for Phone Systems in Canada.

How can Yeastar produce the best valued phone system available?

  1. Yeastar uses commonly available phone software that has been available well before Yeastar was around. This means that support costs are lower both for you and for Yeastar and the cost of the phone system is likewise lower. Yeastar pragmatically does not re-invent the phone system but uses the stable, reliable and feature rich Asterisk phone system core.
  2. Yeastar uses a reusable modular system for phone lines that is common across all models. The Yeastar design has created line module calls for FXO analog lines, GSM cellular lines, T1 digital lines as well as BRI and FXS phone set adapters that common across all Yealink models. Very pragmatically, Yeastar has lower engineering costs, lower manufacturing costs, lower distribution costs and sales and support costs. This means more value and better costs for the customer.
  3. Yeastar phone system closets are mass produced with world wide distribution. These large production runs that are much higher than any other Asterisk based PBX means a much lower cost that performs well.
  4. As a third generation product from Yeastar is known for its quality but also the availability source from the "Factory of the World" China. Aside from the large production runs, Made in China means better quality and lower costs.

Providing cost effective phone systems for churches large and small since 2008. Get all the features and a low monthly phone line cost.

Hosted phone systems are very flexible and easy to setup but can get expensive for church as they charge a flat rate per phone per month. We have an alternative. Pay only for the lines you use and have as many phones as you need. This tends to be a much more cost effective solution for churchs and their phone systems.

The Yeastar S-Series phone system provides some of the easiest configuration options available for phone system and practically all aspects of the Yeastar system can be upgraded. The Yeastar S-Series phone system has four base system models. Starting with the S20 model and progressing to the S300 model.


We repair and replace Nortel phone systems. Yeastar provides the most cost effective and best direct replacement for Nortel CICS MICS and 3x8 phone systems

Repairing Your Existing Nortel System

We have trained technicians that can reprogram and repair your Nortel phone system. Nortel phone systems haven't been manufactured in over 20 years. If your Nortel system is starting to break, consider replacing it. Parts are starting to become more difficult to get and your aging system will start to have more regular and critical outages

Pay once for your phone system! There is a trend in software and technology industries to move to a annual licening model where yearly payments are required to keep your software turned on. Not so with Yeastar. Pay once and your good forever.

ShoreTel provides reliable enterprise grade phone systems for mid sized business at a cost. We recommend the Yeastar S-Series Phone system as a cost effective alternative. The Yeastar S-Series has hot-swap failover capabilities, up to a 5 year warranty and broad support of standards based phones. In addition, Yeastar does not use proprietary phones or standards so system support and replacement phones are extremely cost effective and readily available from any IP phone vendor.

Calgary business still need phone systems. With Yeastar you get the best of all worlds.

There are literally hundreds of Hosted VoIP phone systems that Calgary businesses can choose. For many companies, they have tried a VoIP system and after a painful experience, need a non-VoIP phone system. The Yeastar Phone System is your answer. It easily and reliably uses traditional Telus or Shaw phone lines. In the future, VoIP phone lines can be chosen to suppliment your Telus or Shaw phone lines or accept the lower cost and replace them all together.

Samsung OfficeServ are cost effective phone systems. If you're looking for a reliable phone system with support that ensures your phones are always working, consider the Yeastar S-Series phone system. The Yeastar S-Series phone systems comes with up to a 5 year warranty. HELIA has been deploying Yeastar phone systems for 5 years and have very happy customers that continue to use their Yeastar phone system reliably.

Yeastar empowers your employees to work on the go and ensures reachability wherever you are with all the functionality that's inherent with the office phone system.

As businesses require mobility-based feature for further productivity, Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX starts SMB on that journey, offering mobility features that help businesses to get into the world of unified communications. With the free Linkus Mobile Client, S-Series VoIP PBX users can have their office extensions on the smartphones. Remote workers especially road warriors can make and receive calls at any time.

The Yeastar S-Series is a very pragmatic phone system for Canadian Business. It provides incredible value in a reliable and scalable package with broad support for both IP Phone and the various phone lines available in Canada

The Yeastar S-Series phone system is a very easy to use and manage phone system. With any Windows or Mac, all you need is a web browser. All changes you ever want to make on the Yeastar S-Series phone system can be done with a web browser.

Whether its your employee's using the phone system or your local techie making changes, the Yeastar S-Series phone system is intuitive to use and understand.

For firms that rely on cellphone and SMS text, look no further than the Yeastar S-Series Phone System. The Yeastar S-Series is fully UC compliant and provides the full range of integration between your Rogers, Bell, Telus, Freedom and other Canadian cell phones providers and your business phone system.