Fully integrated phone system functionality for over 130 hotel property management system. Yeastar S-Series Hotel Edition delivers the best value for a guest phone system in Canada with broad support for both analog and digital phones.

To find out more about the Hotel PBX from Yeastar, visit: https://www.yeastar.ca/value/small-hotel-phone-system.html

Find below a list of the integrations available for the Yeastar Hotel PBX. Additional integrations are available. Contact us to confirm integration with your pms and to schedule a web demonstration. Reach us a (403) 668-7895 or at support@helia.ca .

Supported Hotel PMS Integrations with Yeastar S-Series Phone System from cHar

Manufacturer PMS System
Innquest Software* RoomMaster2000 (TV)*
Albada Informática dataHotel
Arion Hospitality Solutions Arion PMS
Actum Actum
Aloja Software Aloja
AM System AM Hotel
Antfor Software y Servicios Avalon – Antfor
Argus Software Argus
Arpón Enterprise Arponwin Hotel
ASA Software House ASA jHOTEL (Asaj)
Asistec Bajo Aragón Otus Gestión
Barceló Hoteles Proprietary PMS
Centro de Software Ibiza CSI
Chapp Solutions Lean Hotel System
Class One Software Seven Stars
CM Soluciones Informáticas CM Hotel
Bematech CMNet
CMP Hostelería Táctil
Comtrol Corporation LodgingLink – supports multiple PMS
Confortel Hoteles Confortel Hoteles
Corfu Turismática Gran Hotel
CQR Sistemas CQR Hotel
CTM Software CTM Hotel
Dap Informática Anphitrion
Desbravador Desbravador
Deversor DevHotel
DF Sistemes DFSuite
EngiSoft – Enginyeria de Software Bird
Everest Technologies FullHotel
Evols Nuconga
Evolución Informática Timón Hotel
Excel Hotels & Resorts XLResorts
Fidelity Software Gehos
FrontSuite FrontSuite
Future Hot Future Hot
G.S. Hotel G.S. Hotel
Galaxy * Starwood Hotels & Resorts (TV)*
Gesos Gesos
GIT Consultors Blaunia Hotel
Green Software Green Hotel – Fortune
Gruphotel Soluciones Informáticas GH Hotel
Grupo Hotelytur 2000 MasterYield
Gubse AG Sihot
Hilton OnQ
Hoist Technologies HotSoft
Horizontesl Informática Horizontel
Hospitales Nisa Proprietary PMS
ITESSO an Amadeus company Brilliant PMpro
ITESSO an Amadeus company Hotel Concepts IDPMS
Hotel Ninjas HotelNinjas
I+D Informática Hoteles I+D
ICG Software FrontHotel
Indra TMS
Info Illes Mostel
Infor Infor HMS (TV)*
Informarca Hotel System NewHotel
Informática3 Progest Hotel3
Infortur Infortur
Inhys – Integra Hotelería y Sistemas Innhotel
Innovaciones Informáticas Suite
InnovaHotel Mizhotel
Integra Hotelería y Sistemas Innhotel
Interprogram Software (Grupo NTI) Interprogram
IntuitivaSA VeCorta
iTi Computers Diventa
K-Root Hotelwin
Landin Informática Hotel@n
Little Fish Technologies Resort Manager
Mallorca Soft Astro Hotel
MasterASP MasterHotel
MG Software MC Reservas
Millenium Soft Othello
New Center System (NCS) NCS Hotel / TPV Restaurante
NH Hoteles Proprietary PMS
Noray Software – Consultores Canarios Informática Noray Hotel
Occidental Hotels & Resorts Proprietary PMS
Ofimática Jaén OfiHotel
Ona Corporation OnaSystem
Open – Soft Servicios Informáticos GesHotel / ClearHotel
Oracle-Micros OPERA – Fidelio **
Otelia srl Otelia PMS
Pabilos Gabilos
Pandora Global System Pandora
PH Systems PH Hotel
Planet Winner BVBA Winner
Prestige Software Prestige **
Proxima Service HotelCUBE
Query Soft 4GH
Quonext Turismo Quohotel
Riu Hoteles SGIL (Proprietary PMS)
Sandos New Technologies Sandos (Proprietary PMS)
SCA – Sistemas de Computación Accesibles Hoteles Data Inn
Semper Semper
Serenissima Informática (Serinf) Protel Hotel Software
SIME Hestia
Sistemas de Gestión de Baleares (SGB) NaviHotel
Smile PMS Co.,Ltd Smile PMS
SoftHotel Gestión SoftHotel Cross
Sulcus - Aremissoft Hospitality España SL Medallion / Winnmaxx
Systel Systel-Host
TCA Software Solutions Innsist PMS
Tecnotur300 ServiHotel
TecnoXperience openXperta
Tec-Soft Hotec
Tehotel Tehotel
Tesipro Sigh – Ulyses
Todoespaña Winckelvas Grupo Ballesol (Proprietary)
Utihotel Utihotel
Vector-K / Grupo Serhs Guest / WebGuestHotel
Verial Soft Verial Soft
Vilaboy Soft Gestel
WinHotel Solution WinHotel
Zeus Tecnología Zeus Hoteles

- All trademarks and trade names contained in this document are property of their respective owners. Detailed specifications are subject to change due to the constant evolution of the products.
- Due to the constant changes of versions, always consult with cHar the compatibility of any PMS system.
* Driver design for the TV system integration only. Ask cHar in case the necessity to integrate PBX or another system.
** It is necessary to use 'Connect' to integrate with this PMS system. Please contact Sales Department. ('cHar connexion pms' included in utile h+ is not compatible).

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