The Yeastar S-Series is a very pragmatic phone system for Canadian Business. It provides incredible value in a reliable and scalable package with broad support for both IP Phone and the various phone lines available in Canada

The Reliable Phone System

Built with stability and scalability in mind, the S-Series phone system can be deployed as redundant hardware. If one system fails, the second system will continue to provide voice services to the organization. Phone line technologies are also redundant, allowing simultaneous deployment of digital T1, legacy analog, VoIP and cellular line technologies at the same time. If infrastructure is down, alternative infrastructure can step in to continue servicing voice requests.

Broad Range of Phone Devices Supported

The Yeastar S-Series provides on of the wide ranges of support phone devices avaialble. From digital IP phones from a range of manufacturers to analog phone, multi-cell DECT cordless, cellular, soft phones, paging devices and more, the S-Series will deliver a reliable solution at a cost effective price.

Multi Line Phone System Support

Provide phone system with multiple phone lines means that customer will always reach staff to service requests. When you call volume exceeds capacity, calls can be routed to staff at other location or even to banks of cell phones to ensure call are answered and customers can get through. The advance call routing feature of the Yeastar S-Series phone system ensures advanced functionality in a easy use package and at a cost effective price.

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