Calgary business still need phone systems. With Yeastar you get the best of all worlds.

There are literally hundreds of Hosted VoIP phone systems that Calgary businesses can choose. For many companies, they have tried a VoIP system and after a painful experience, need a non-VoIP phone system. The Yeastar Phone System is your answer. It easily and reliably uses traditional Telus or Shaw phone lines. In the future, VoIP phone lines can be chosen to suppliment your Telus or Shaw phone lines or accept the lower cost and replace them all together.

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Shaw phone lines are broadly available throughout Calgary but not Universally. Industrial areas like the Foothills industrial Park have no Shaw infrastructure and no availability of Shaw phone lines. For these areas either Telus phone lines or VoIP is the only choice.

Telus phone lines are available in all buildings in Calgary. They tend to be significantly more expensive but continue to be the most reliable and trusted option. Here in Calgary, Telus phone lines are priced at $54 / line and can be discounted when features are removed. Either way we recommend at least a single Telus line for Fax and your Visa Merchant Services terminal.

Nortel phone systems still abound in Calgary but are regularily replaced by newer systems with far more features. Internet enabled features of newer phone systems make them more attractive. The Web based administration makes it worlds easier to manage the phone system and make changes yourself. Internet also means valuable features like voicemail to email and remote extensions.

Avaya, Toshiba, Samsung, Panasonic and other legacy companies work well but are much much more expensive than a Yeastar phone system. In our opinion, they lack features that the Yeastar phone system has and Yeastar is certainly easier to administer. The Yeastar phone system is still the clear winner.

For businesses in Calgary, Yeastar is the best choice because it offers the lowest cost and broadest range of useful features.

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