Providing cost effective phone systems for churches large and small since 2008. Get all the features and a low monthly phone line cost.

Hosted phone systems are very flexible and easy to setup but can get expensive for church as they charge a flat rate per phone per month. We have an alternative. Pay only for the lines you use and have as many phones as you need. This tends to be a much more cost effective solution for churchs and their phone systems.

The Yeastar phone system provide all the features you'd expect including cell phone integration, voicemail to email, easy to manage web interface, paging and more at a low price. We can provide a warranty up to five years on the phones and phone systems

With the newer technologies we can provide direct phone number for staff. These phone numbers can ring on their cell phones, desk phones or both and helps keep staff's cell phone numbers private.

Restricting Calling

Phones can be setup to restrict calling on a phone to phone basis. Phones in public areas can be restricted to only allow 911 emergencies and other extensions. They can also be configured to allow local calling but not long distance. This allows phones to be placed in public areas for emergency purposes without a concern of unauthorized use.

Phones for Churches

The phones we recommend have large screens and easy to use buttons for staff and others

  • Standard Church Phone

    Yealink T29g Desk Phone Our standard phone for churches has a large color screen and 10 buttons. Its very easy to use and has the option of wall mounting with the optional wall mounting kit. The 10 buttons can be configured for speed dial or paging to make it very easy to use for both staff and congregation.

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