HELIA has been providing phone systems for Hutterite colonies since 2015. To find a list of colonies on our network please visit: www.heliatel.ca/colonydirectdial

We have found the most cost effective way to provide phone systems for a colony is with the Yeastar phone system. Yeastar phone system provides all the features needed by a colony in a reliable and easy to use package. The setup is simple and because many other colonies are using the Yeastar phone system, there are other colonies you call for support in addition to us at HELIA.


What we need to know

We provide excellent pricing on colony phone systems. to provide you with an estimate, there are some things we need to know.

  • Number of homes
  • Number of homes in a building (ie fourplex, five-plex)
  • Number of shops
  • Number of other places like the school, kitchen, church
  • Total number of buildings that will have phones

Internet, Sasktel, Telus, Bell and more

The phone systems we provide will work with Sasktel, Telus and Bell phone lines however we find that using SIP/VoIP phone lines will save colonies money. We provide wholesale VoIP packages to colonies that are based on usage. You can start with your existing Sasktel, Telus, and Bell phone lines and then switch to VoIP phone lines if and when you're ready

VoIP phone lines require internet. We recommend a wireless point-to-point or fiberoptics internet connection for colonies. LTE internet from Bell or other providers have been tried by colonies but it hasn't been stable enough. In the next couple years it may be better and reliable enough for phones but in 2018 it will cause problems for phone calls. In Alberta, we have found Axia internet to be the best for Colonies and CCI wireless is also very good.

Colony Direct Dial

Colony Direct Dial is a HELIA service to help save money for Colonies. You don't need to be a HELIA customer to use Colony Direct Dial and Colony Direct Dial will work with your older Nortel, Samsung, Mitel, or other non-VoIP phone systems. Colony Direct Dial provides home to home calling between colonies without using the Public Telephone Network and so you don't need to use your paid lines to make the calls.

Phones for Colonies

There are 5 phones that we regularily use for colonies:

  • Home Phone

    Yealink T48S Desk Phone The home phone that most colonies choose has a big color touch screen. This is very good for speed dial buttons. Each family programs the buttons themselves and makes it very easy to phone other homes, shops and cell phones and even phones directly at other colonies.
  • Home Cordless Phone

    Yealink T48S Desk Phone The cordless phones is commercial quality. It has a long battery life and long range. If the homes are made of concrete or have metal sheathing then the range will be reduced. The cordless phones also allow paging directly onto the phones.
  • Shop Phone

    Yealink T48S Desk Phone These shop phones are more basic phones. The have a total of 8 buttons that can be used for speed dials or other features. They are also used for paging. The large screen makes it easy to see the numbers.
  • Paging for Shops and other loud areas

    Algo 8186 The paging horn can be used indoors or outdoors and is weather proof. Its includes two way talk so you can both speak and listen with it. We find its good for areas like the slaughter house that can be very loud and still require paging. The paging horn cannot place calls and so you'll want a shop phone as well in areas where you place the horn.
  • Church Phone Adapter

    Yealink T48S Desk Phone The church phone adapter is used to broadcast church services over the phones. For older people who cannot make it to church or for those who are sick, they can still listen to church using the phone in their homes.

Find Out More

To find out more about a phone system for your colony, call Dar Zuch at (403) 775-1490

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Call our Specialist. He can be reached at:

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