Our HeliaTel.ca VoIP Phone Lines are designed and tested to work with Yeastar Phone Systems. In fact when you buy a Yeastar Phone System Bundle from BuyPhonesOnline.ca, receive a phone line credit from HeliaTel.ca.

Helia has provided commercial phone lines for Canadian business for over 10 years and is fully licensed with the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commision (CRTC). We provide reliable cost effective phone lines with reliability and fail over features unique to HeliaTel.ca


Learn more about HeliaTel.ca phone lines by visiting www.HeliaTel.ca.

To learn how to configure HeliaTel SIP trunk on your Yeastar S-Series phone system, watch our YouTube video and simple instructions at: https://www.yeastar.ca/how-to/how-to-configure-sip-phone-lines-on-the-yeastar-phone-system

Available Phone Numbers in Canada and Beyond

Helia provides new phone numbers for all regions in Canada including toll free numbers. When using our SIP phone lines, multiple phone number DIDs can be added to any trunk and a mix of phone numbers from all regions can also be included. Internationally, we can provide phone numbers from practically any country in the world that allows VoIP technologies.

Colony Wholesale Trunks

HeliaTel has been providing VoIP trunks to Hutterite Colonies since 2014. Our special wholesale packages are designed for Hutterite colonies to provide reliable, cost effective service. Wholesale trunks are provide as pay-as-you-go with flexible payment methods for the convenience of each colony.

Fail-over Redundacy

Premise based PBX at the customer location can fail for a number of reasons including power outages and equipment failure. HeliaTel system are designed to automatically recognize failure at the customer location and provide fail-over calls so that call volume is routed to a secondary location via a PSTN number so the customer never looses a call. This is an exclusive and unique feature available on HeliaTel.ca phone lines.