Telus PRI trunk phone lines are natively supported by the Yeastar phone system. If you have a failing Nortel or other system and have Telus PRI trunk phone lines, a Yeastar S-Series phone system is a reliable and cost effective solution that can be implemented quickly and has the same level of features and more than the phone system it will be replacing.

Commercial Quality Phone System

The award winning Yeastar phone system is an enterprise ready phone system will full support for hot failover, automatic backup and one of best warranties in the industry for up to 5 years. The fail-over capabilites are mature and reliable for any organization demanding 24/7 reliability for demanding call centers and organizations.

Fast Phone System Implementation

We stock PRI T1 line cards in distribution centers across Canada for fast shipping and implementation. We have implemented phone systems in customer locations with site down emergencies in as little as 24 hours even though a more appropriate timeline is 2-3 weeks. Desk phone availability is also quickly deployable with phones ready to ship out from distribution centers across Canada

Telus PRI T1 and Yeastar Capacity

The Yeastar S100 and S300 cabinets have native support for Telus PRI T1 line cards with the S300 phone system supporting up to 3 PRI cards for a total 69 concurrent call capacity. Additional capacity of both PRI and legacy analog lines is available through Yeastar gateway appliances. The Yeastar S300 phone system has a capacity of up to 500 extensions and can be configured to bridge to other sites that can be Yeastar or other branded systems. Branch office models are also supported.

Recommended Phone System with Telus PRI Support

We have created a phone system starter kit with support for Telus PRI trunk lines. The kit includes a S100 phone system with capacity of 1 PRI trunk (23 channels) and expandable to two PRI trunks. We've included a telephone PoE network switch and 4 of our recommended phones, the Yealink T27G. Additional phones can be added as this bundle configuration supports up to 100 phones. If you need higher capacity, they are available with capacity of up to 500 phones.

Our bundles include pre-shipping configuration so that when you receive your phone system, the majority of the configuration is complete and you're able to start with a working phone system.

Learn more about our Yeastar S100 Bundle with Telus PRI support

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