Desk phones in a business center has never been more important than it is today. In the Age of Customer Experience, no two business centers are the same and each requires a customized solution to meet their needs. Take the Entegra Business Center in Calgary for instance; their well used Nortel MICS phone system served the office for over 30 years and unexpectedly started to fail due to age. When voicemail and other features stopped working, tenants were no longer serviced and a replacement system was immediately needed.

"The divestment of our Nortel system was a unique opportunity for Entegra to explore new solutions. We wanted to find another great solution but were hopeful that we could find a more cost-effective answer as well. Fielding requests from over 35 clients on a daily basis, we required a solution that would maximize our communication capabilities and be easy to use and manage.
- Yusri, Owner Entegra Office

Objectives and Challenges

With the current Nortel PBX at end-of-life, Entegra wanted a new generation PBX that could tick all the boxes, reduce telephony costs, and have a low impact transition for tenants. The Nortel system was very difficult to program and make changes. When new tenants wanted to be added into the system, an expensive telecom engineer was required to visit the site to make changes and diagnose issues. The Yeastar S-Series allows for an easy to use web portal to easily make any administrative changes for new tenants with a handful of mouse clicks and by our internal administration staff.

The Yeastar S-Series system offered the most features and benefits at a reasonable price point for Entegra's needs for years to come.

The Entegra Business Center required a wide range of features for efficient operation for both administration and tenants. These included:

  • Dedicated business phone numbers for tenants
  • Intercom to allow reception to alert tenants to waiting clients
  • Calls answered personally and professionally by the common receptionist
  • Business voicemail with a professional business greeting
  • Easy access for tenants to call the business center andministrators
  • Common conference phones for board rooms and meeting rooms with dedicated number
  • Easy to use group conference functionality
  • Integration of existing tenants dedicated phone system
  • Flexible options for tenant managed phone lines


Considering the requirements, HELIA Infrastructure, a Yeastar partner in Canada recommended the Yeastar IP based PBX system.

The Yeastar S-Series provides models ranging for 10 tenants all the way up to hundreds with capacity up to 500 with flexible phone line configuration that can mix legacy analog PSTN, TI/PRI, cellular 3G/4G and digital VoIP. It allows for easy transition from existing mixed environments while leaving it open for flexible options in the future.

The user-friendly Yeastar S-Series features an intuitive Web GUI and is easy to manage with a simple point-and-click configuration. The Yeastar S-Series supports mainstream IP phone autoconfiguration to save time and ensure consistent, problem free deployment of new phones for new tenants and makes business communications elegant and simple to configure for administrators.

The Yeastar S-Series is ideal for business center solutions. The S-Series VoIP PBX delivers exceptional cost savings, ease of use for administration and tenants, and peace of mind.

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