This is a great entry level phone for offices. It performs well and is easy to use. If you need programmable buttons for features and shortcuts, we recommend the Yealink T27G desk phone.

This is a great little phone and highly recommended for shared office spaces and low use areas. There are 3 buttons that are used for line keys to allow easy setup of 3 way calls and otherwise handling multiple calls.

The phone is durable and well made. The audio quality is excellend and includes a good speakerphone. It make for a good secondary phone in a board room or conference phone.

In most cases we recommend the larger T27g desk phone instead of the T23g. The T27g is slightly more expensive but includes the much larger screen and 5 more programmable buttons which make the phone significantly easier to use. Advanced phone system features can be attached to the buttons making them accessable. Paging, parking, intercom can all be assigned to the buttons on the T27g phone and makes it much more valuable to the organization.

Unboxing the Yealink T23g Deskphone

The phone is very stable and easy to implement and deploy. With easy to use buttons that are clearly marked, your users will find it very easy to make, transfer and otherwise use the phone.

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Restricting Phone Usage in Public Areas

The Yeastar phone system allows outbound calling restrictions based on the extension number. This works very well with the Yealink T23G phone. This phone can be placed in a public area and using the Yeastar restriction features, the T23G can be restricted to only place calls during certain hours and/or to certain phone numbers, and/or only along with a PIN password. If you wanted to use this phone for emergency purposes, you could lock it down to only allow 911 emergency and 0 for operator and all other calls may require a password to dial. This is a very powerful way to manage and lock down calling in a public area.