Yeastar Certified Technician

Basic: YSCT

Yeastar Certified Technician

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Yeastar Certified Routing Specialist

Intermediate: YSCRS

Yeastar Certified Routing Specialist

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Yeastar Certified Security Specialist

Intermediate: YSCSS

Yeastar Certified Security Specialist

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Yeastar Certified Integration Specialist

Intermediate: YSCIS

Yeastar Certified Integration Specialist

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Yeastar Certified Expert

Advanced: YSCE

Yeastar Certified Expert

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VoIP business and Yeastar, and who will perform basic technical service for Yeastar Products for end-users or need the knowledge of their use and functionality. In this course, you will learn how to configure, manage and maintain Yeastar VoIP PBX at a basic level.

This course is the proper preparation for the Yeastar certification. The student must pass an online exam at the end of the courses. It is important to emphasize that the completion of the course does not guarantee the approval of the certification exam, it will have 2 opportunities. This exam is included in this program.

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This certification includes:

  • One full date of classroom training (including practical labs)
  • Yeastar online exam voucher
  • Official Yeastar merchandising
  • Yeastar S20 PBX (with course kit)
  • Yealink T27G with Power Supply (with course kit)
  • Lunch and coffee break
  • Diploma certificate (valid for 3 years)
  • Prepaid 3 month SIP trunk with 2 channels (with course kit)

Who is the training for?

  • Telephone system administrators.
  • Telephony solution integrators.
  • Beginners in VoIP technology.
  • Network and Telecommunications students.

Course Prerequisites

  • Basic knowledge of TCP / IP networks
  • Basic knowledge of traditional telephony and VoIP
  • Laptop with Ethernet network port.
  • Software: Web browser, Putty, Softphone, TFTP server, Audacity audio editor, Wireshark

Required Classroom Materials

  • Laptop
  • 1 patch cord
  • Course Kit (listed below)

The following concepts will be covered in this class:

  • What is VoIP?
  • About Yeastar S-Series PBX
  • Basic configuration
  • Basic Management
  • Basic maintenance

The Yeastar Certified Technician YSCT course is a full one day course that reviews the concepts required to install and configure the Yeastar S-Series phone system.

Course Kit includes:

  • Yeastar S20 PBX
  • Yealink T27G Phone
  • Yealink T27G Power Supply
  • HELIATel SIP Trunk - 90 Day Two Channel Trial with Canadian DID
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Course Schedule

8AM - Continental Breakfast

8:30 Housekeeping Topics

  • Course team introductions
  • Washroom locations
  • Around the room introductions (What each person expects about the course)

8:40 Yeastar Overview

  • About S-PBX
  • 2.1 S-Series PBX Line Introduction
  • 2.2 Modules Introduction
  • 2.3 Hardware Installation
  • Part 3 Basic Configuration
  • 3.1 HTTPS
  • 3.2 Password and Account
  • 3.3 Network Settings
  • 3.4 Update System Prompt
  • 3.5 Date and Time
  • 3.6 Set Extensions

9:15AM  LAB 1 Initial Configuration of a Yeastar S20  

(Note:  All labs will be conducted in groups of 2 -3 people)

9:45AM Inbound Calling

  • 3.11 Inbound Call
  • 3.8 Time Condition
  • 3.12 IVR
  • 4.1 Ring Group
  • 3.7 Trunk Connection
  •     3.7.1 Physical Trunks
  •     3.7.2 VoIP Trunks
  • 4.9 Voice Prompts
  •     4.9.1 Music on Hold
  •     4.9.2 Customize Prompt
  •     4.9.3 Record A Prompt
  •     4.10 User Permission

10AM  LAB 2 Inbound Calling  & BREAK

10:30AM  Outbound Calling

  • 3.9 Outbound Calling
  • 3.10 Dial Pattern

10:45AM  Lab 3:  Outbound Calling

11:00:  Part 4 Basic Management of S-PBX

  • 4.2 Call Parking - When to use it and how to configure it.

Lab 4:  Configuring Call Parking

12 - Lunch break - Lunch Provided.

  • 1pm - Soft phones - Linkus (or XLite?)
  • 4.3 Paging Group
  • 4.5 Speed Dial
  • 4.6 Call Back
  • 4.4 Monitor Mode

1:15pm  LAB - Setting Up Paging Group, speed dial, Callback and Monitor mode

1:40PM  Theory:  4.7 Send and Receive FAX

  • Theory:  4.8 SMS to Email and Email to SMS

Part 5 Basic Maintenance

  • 5.1 External Storage - Which storage is available on what model
  • 5.2 Backup and Restore
  • 5.3 Firmware Upgrade
  •     5.3.1 HTTP Mode
  •     5.3.2 TFTP Mode

2:15PM  Lab:  Backup - Factory Reset - Restore - Firmware Upgrade

2:30:  Demo of Yeastar Remote Access Tools

  • 5.4 Log on S-PBX FTP  - Using Filezilla
  • 5.5 Ethernet Capture Tool - Basic Introduction to Wireshark
  • 2:30PM  Optional Lab & BREAK - Install Filezilla and Wireshark and look at call flow and listen to a call.
  • 5.6 DAHDI Monitor Tool
  • 5.7 Features Code

3:00PM  Optional Lab  - Configuring Feature codes on the phone

3:30PM  Overview of Yeastar Intermediate Certs and Review for Exam

4 PM  Certification Exam

5PM  Course Evaluation & End

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To learn how to register or for upcoming scheduled classes, email or phone (403) 668-7895